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Our Vision

We are living in a time where God is raising up a fresh wave of writers, scribes, and authors. These are voices that will pen words that have an incredible impact on hearts, nations, and generations. House of Scribes is a faith-based community of professionals who are passionate about coming alongside writers in all stages of their writing journey. Through teaching, coaching, publishing, and our writing community, we are committed to helping writers discover their unique message. Any book that has ever transformed a life had first begun as a message that burned inside the heart of a writer. This is why we are passionate about helping to give these messages a voice, bringing them to paper for the purpose of transforming hearts and lives.

Our  Team

Dr. Luc Niebergall lives in Alberta with his wife, Sophie. He is the founder and president of House of Scribes. 

Founder and President

Dr. Luc Niebergall


Kaylee Farn lives in Alberta, Canada. Kaylee is a gifted writer and has been writing her entire life.

Community Director and Admin

Kaylee Farn

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Todd Toews lives in Dauphin, Manitoba with his wife, Melanie, and his two children Anna and Simeon.

Senior Graphic Designer

Todd Toews


Sarah Reimer has always had a knack for grammar and is delighted to be a part of House of Scribes as the senior editor.

Senior Editor

Sarah Reimer

Pioneer Cover Luc Niebergall



Royal Identity Collection


Road of A Paragon

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The House of Scribes community is a place where writers from all over the world can come together to encourage, empower, and champion one another.

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