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The House of Scribes community is a place where writers from all over the world can come together to encourage, empower, and champion one another.

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A message from the community director:

For years I felt like nobody understood the process or the passion that the Lord has placed within me to write. It can be a very lonely road when you have something that burns so deeply within, that no one else seems to carry. After contending for a like-minded community that could walk with me in the journey, God answered my prayer. Acceleration and favour came over my writing process when I became friends with a seasoned author who encouraged me, allowed me to process, and gave me some much-needed guidance along the way. My heart is to see this for other writers who simply need like-minded people around them who can understand their unique process and help them to fulfill their dreams in writing. The House of Scribes community is designed to bring lonely, and maybe discouraged, writers together who have a dream to put their vision onto paper. I don’t believe it’s in God’s nature to ever call us to walk alone which is why I’m incredibly thankful for the House of Scribes community.  Whether you’re all ready to publish or just need some help with getting your ideas organized onto paper, we are so glad that you’re here. We want to help you succeed no matter what stage of writing you’re in, or the level of guidance that you need. The House of Scribes community is intended to be a safe place for writers with all different levels of experience to come together in support of seeing each other's dreams come to life.

Kaylee Farn
Community Director

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